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codes subversion

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The first column indicates that an item was added, deleted, or otherwise changed :

  • ' ' : No modifications.
  • 'A' : Item is scheduled for Addition.
  • 'D' : Item is scheduled for Deletion.
  • 'M' : Item has been modified.
  • 'C' : Item is in conflict with updates received from the repository.
  • 'X' : Item is related to an externals definition.
  • 'I' : Item is being ignored (e.g. with the svn:ignore property).
  • '?' : Item is not under version control.
  • '!' : Item is missing (e.g. you moved or deleted it without using svn). This also indicates that a directory is incomplete (a checkout or update was interrupted).
  • '~' : Item is versioned as a directory, but has been replaced by a file, or vice versa.
The second column tells the status of a file's or directory's properties.
  • ' ' : No modifications.
  • 'M' : Properties for this item have been modified.
  • 'C' : Properties for this item are in conflict with property updates received from the repository.
The third column is populated only if the working copy directory is locked.
  • ' ' : Item is not locked.
  • 'L' : Item is locked.
The fourth column is populated only if the item is scheduled for addition-with-history.
  • ' ' : No history scheduled with commit.
  • '+' : History scheduled with commit.
The fifth column is populated only if the item is switched relative to its parent (see the section called “Switching a Working Copy”).
  • ' ' : Item is a child of its parent directory.
  • 'S' : Item is switched.
The out-of-date information appears in the eighth column (only if you pass the --show-updates switch).
  • ' ' : The item in your working copy is up-to-date.
  • '*' : A newer revision of the item exists on the server.

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